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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
Well, for baseball, I disagree. It's cool that Sandy Koufax and Clayton Kershaw have worn the same uniform. Same thing can be said for Al Kaline and Miguel Cabrera, or Mickey Mantle, Bernie Williams and now Ellsbury. Classic teams have classic uniforms. The Sox have been around for 110 years and fall into that category. On the other side, look at teams like the Astros or Padres, and immediately you think of mediocrity because they've worn so many uniforms, and their top stars from each era are in a different style jersey. There's no tradition with those teams. It's like each franchise is a hodge podge of three or four entirely different expansion teams. Tony's Gwynn's Padres might as well have been playing on a different planet than Jake Peavy's Padres. Same thing with the Astros (and their new uniforms are bad, by the way).
Well put.

The Sox need to stick with the Olde English S O X logo. It says two things: tradition and class.
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