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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
All of the uniform changes through the years, most of them horrible, contributed more in hurting the identity of the club than anything that happened on the field. Jeff Torborg talked Reinsdorf into the final uniform change when they finally got it right and updated the classic 1959 uniforms. The Sox unis are classy and timeless now and should never be changed. Bring back the diamond sock on the roads, the tuxedo stripe on the grey pants and the sleeveless jersey on home Sundays. The '72 and '83 unis were fun to see, but nobody should be considering those as full time unis.

Also, when you look at the history of the team (photos of the World Series, Frank going into the HOF with the SOX hat, pictures of Fisk, Robin, Ozzie, Konerko, Buehrle all the way through Sale and Abreu, there is something cohesive and comforting when you look at the videos and the baseball cards or programs when they all have essentially the same uniform and same logo on the hat. It ties everything together and gives the franchise history and identity. I think it's cool that Tim Raines wore the same Sox uniform as Adam Eaton will in 2014. I may be overly sentimental about this, but that's my take.
Well said! I don't like these hats, but if others do, it won't kill me to see us wear them in BP.
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