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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
I'm one old guy who has been in Florida over 20 years and since we moved here have never watched WGN news at 9pm.
A couple times a week I check out the Tribune's App on my I Pad if I'm curious about what's happening up there, besides that I talk to my sister every Sunday and she always lets me know what's going on. As far as not caring about the place where one lived at one time, it's hard to make a complete break. I spent the first 48 years of my life in Chicago and it will always be my hometown and the White Sox and Blackhawks will always be my teams.
Maybe Im in touch with the less active old codgers, actually the ones that watch hrtv, tvg, wgn news and then hit the hay then go for another day of the same.
btw: Hope you had a good one and many more to come.
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