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Originally Posted by Red Barchetta View Post
I grew up in/around Chicago and didn't move out of the midwest until I was in my 40s so old habits are hard to break.

Plus, my local news (Tampa) comes on after the WGN News at 9 (which is at 10PM Eastern) so I got to watch both if I wanted to.

As mentioned on my first post, it was a daily reminder of the home town I group up in and it was nice considering there were no other big city local news broadcasts so it was unique.

I can understand the change in direction. For every guy like me who enjoyed the broadcast, there were probably about 99 other guys from other parts of the country who could care less. Plus it was fun guessing what kind of suit & tie combo Robert Jordan was going to wear. He has a wild wardrobe and there were nights for some reason, he could not read the teleprompter and Jackie Bang had to correct him.

Plus I will miss Dan Rohn's snide comments about the White Sox as he tries to hide his biased, Cub-loving opinions.

But living near the Tampa market, I get to enjoy Love Smith Mach II this upcoming football season. I was so p!ssed off when the Bears-Bucs game was played in Europe a few years ago. The Bears only make it down here as the visiting team about once every 3-4 seasons and that was the game.
To be honest, I never felt that Roan's sports coverage was anti-Sox or pro-Cubs.
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