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Originally Posted by Irishsox1 View Post
Flowers and Phegley......Yea!!! This should blow up in the Sox face by mid-April.
I have to think that the Sox know that Flowers and Phegley are probably not long term answers at catcher. But I really like the fact that the Sox are showing patience and waiting for the opportunity to make a significant upgrade at the position.

The free agent options at catcher were not great. The best available catcher, Brian McCann, turns 30 tomorrow and does have a lot of catching miles on him. The other options, including Jarrod Saltalamacchia, were not so great. So, rather than force a move that isn't so hot, the Sox are biding their time and waiting to make a significant upgrade. Not settling for a lesser option is a good thing.

And, who knows? Maybe, as rumored, Houston makes Jason Castro available. If the Sox can find a way to acquire Castro, that would be outstanding. Or maybe the Sox draft California high schooler Alex Jackson, he sticks at catcher and hits a ton. That would be really good, too.
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