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Originally Posted by mzh View Post
While I think they should go BPA at 3, I'm not a huge fan of drafting a catcher at such a high position. They're so volatile. For every Buster Posey, it seems like there are five like Jeff Clement or Kyle Skipworth.
Here is the thing I like about a C

(1) While you need to hit a home run at 3, if you don't, you still want a productive big league player. At Catcher, if his D is great, you can live with a softer bat

(2) The downside is, if his bat is his value, you have to do what the Nationals did with Harper and move him to the OF. Don't let him shorten his career by sticking at catcher and killing his knees. The Twins just did the same with Mauer to extend his career.
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