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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
Here is the thing I like about a C

(1) While you need to hit a home run at 3, if you don't, you still want a productive big league player. At Catcher, if his D is great, you can live with a softer bat

(2) The downside is, if his bat is his value, you have to do what the Nationals did with Harper and move him to the OF. Don't let him shorten his career by sticking at catcher and killing his knees. The Twins just did the same with Mauer to extend his career.
Or the way the White Sox extended Carlton Fisk's career by moving him to the outfield. (Teal implied.) Anyway, Ken Harrelson, the GM at the time, said moving Fisk to the outfield would extend his career.

What you do with a player depends on the individual player, or at least it should. Buster Posey started college as a shortstop and had more to learn about catching than hitting as a minor leaguer after he was drafted in the first round. As a catcher, he was a big part of two championships runs. Eventually, he will probably end up playing first base, but right now the Giants are much better defensively when he catches. Part of it is that he isn't a very good defensive first baseman.

Ron Karkovice was a first-round draft pick. He was never a great hitter, but he was really the only very good defensive catcher to come out of the White Sox farm system since Ed Herrmann and was what the White Sox needed behind the plate circa 1993.

I think a catcher should primarily be strong defensively. I think it's necessary for a team to have a strong defensive catcher.
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