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Originally Posted by HomeFish View Post
Never had a Beggars pizza, but I like any move that brings more classic Chicago food to the Cell.

Back when I went to dozens of Sox games per year in high school and college, I remember always loading up on free pizza coupons to Connie's (you got them if your pizza won the on-screen pizza race). I think the dent I put into their profits may have convinced them to pull out of the deal.
I remeber using those Connie's pizza coupons whether I had a winner or not. Same with McDonalds. They never knew or cared if the big mac won.

Originally Posted by gobears1987 View Post
I've never had Beggars, but it has to be better than DiGiorno. What a joke it was to have that as the official pizza of the Sox. Having a Chicago based chain just makes perfect sense.
Totally agree. And like I said, Beggars is a pretty good pizza option on a Friday night. Hopefully the stuff they serve at the park won't be too far from it.
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