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Originally Posted by gobears1987 View Post
I've never had Beggars, but it has to be better than DiGiorno. What a joke it was to have that as the official pizza of the Sox. Having a Chicago based chain just makes perfect sense.
Agreed. It just added to the notion of the Cell being rather generic that the Sox's official pizza was some frozen brand. DiGirono's might be be good as far as frozen pizzas go, but it's still frozen pizza. Good food historically had been one of the strong points for the Sox, but they've been left in the dust by the quality of food served at other parks in recent years. I think the Sox have taken step to improve the food offerings at the Cell over the last couple of years and it sounds like this is yet another step in the right direction.

Originally Posted by shenk16 View Post
You need to do yourself a favor and try the Comiskey burger.
Yeah, I never was a fan of the cheeseburgers they sold at the concessions at the Cell, but I tried a Comiskey burger last year and it was really good.

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