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Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
Always was a big LaRussa fan during his time in Chicago- a horrible White Sox team went 27-27 after he took over the team from Kessinger- he made some sound moves that made the best of the limited talent on the roster.

I've always wondered "what if"? JR hadn't made the two mistakes of letting Hemond go after an 85 win season in '85, followed by letting LaRussa go in early '86-
Really, it's only one mistake that had cascading consequences. Replacing Hemond with Harrelson led to Harrelson firing LaRussa.

Many White Sox fans from those days still dislike LaRussa and remember Harry Caray and Jimmy Piersall fondly, but posterity at large will remember Tony LaRussa as a baseball genius, Harry Caray as a drunk, if not an occasionally racist drunk, and Jimmy Piersall as crazy. And I'm not so sure that isn't a fair analysis.

And baseball historians will be a lot kinder to Roland Hemond than they will Ken Harrelson.
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