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Originally Posted by Noneck View Post
LaRussa is a hall of famer, Caray is also. Problems with alcohol they both had. How you can say that one will be remembered as a baseball genius and the other a drunk baffles my mind.
Harry Caray is in the announcer's wing, which has a lot to do with longevity. That doesn't approach the honor Tony LaRussa earned. Even when he was with St. Louis, which was owned by a brewery, he was known as being as much a beer salesman as a baseball announcer. Even in a television interview concerning his firing by the Budweiser-owned team, he held a can Schlitz prominently while answering the reporter's questions to stick it to his former employer.

I think the current consensus of Harry Caray around the country is that he was a drunk who called baseball games. That's pretty much the way he was parodied on Saturday Night Live years ago.

It baffles my mind that someone could be baffled by my assessment.
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