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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
I don't think he is a problem, I liked him and said he was our most valuable offensive player last year. My issue was just with the thought that he is one of the better offensive SS. I do not believe he is, and I think saying so sets us up to be disappointed in him.

It is almost the Gordon Beckham syndrome. People were expecting Gordon to be Derek Jeter, the next superstar leader. Really was not a fair expectation. I remember this because I got flamed for saying I see more of a Howie Kendrick like career for him at 2b. Now, we would all kill for a 270-12 homer 3 WAR player.
I agree with you there, it was only the "brutal" comment that caught my eye before. Another frustrating thing about Alexei is that suddenly he's stealing 30 bases at a 77% success rate? Why wasn't he doing that when he was younger?
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