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Originally Posted by My_Sox_Summer View Post
Did you go to SoxFest last year ('13)? The only seminar that was packed was the '05 guys with Hawk. The lines for all of those guys autographs were full right away. Even this year for Jenks. The attention for those ex-players is huge. So yes, I do think that them being at a game Sunday signing for the kids would be a draw.

No promotion(s) will lead to a string of sellouts. Also, if the team is 15 games back by June, no promotion is gonna bring them in. So you have to hope that the team you put on the field will sell on it's own. The extra stuff might attract some fringe folk, especially to games that people don't normally go to.

If they compete this year for the division, some of our new guys make a statement on the field, the team finds a voice, it will carry over to next year. Leave the ticket prices the same, promote the heck out of the 10 year for '05 that might bring a bunch of folks back. Just little things, like maybe take a picture with the trophy for a $5 donation to Sox Charity. They have been building up the ball park experience, just keep it going. Not to mention all the '05 merch they can sell.

As a Fighting Illini fan, '05 was a big year for basketball too. Even a Dee Brown bobblehead would bring some people in, I think. Maybe an '05 reunion of that team too. Bulls made the playoffs that year again for the first time since '98. New opening video. Remind people of that season.

I don't think it's an exact science and a bunch of it depends on how well the team does. The Sox don't have the benefit of a Wrigleyville to distract and attract fans. So they have to win. Maybe start their own "MLB's Largest Tailgate" section in the parking lot.

I've been wrong plenty, I just hope they understand the enormous power that is '05 and harness that to sell some tickets. I think the right marketing campaign could easily win some fans back if the team is halfway decent.
No, I didn't go to Soxfest, and maybe I'm wrong, but I suspect people that go to Soxfest aren't the same as people who go to games.

As for "all the '05 merch" they can sell, again, I dunno. It's the same logo, so right there it loses the whole retro thing. They'll sell some things I'm sure, but I don't recall seeing a ton of Bears Super Bowl Anniversary stuff or Bulls NBA Championship stuff. I mean, there's some, but it's not like 75% of fans are going to run out and buy a t-shirt reminding them of something that happened 10 years ago.

There's also the fact that if they push it too hard, there's going to be a group of people who just use it as an excuse to complain about how little the team has done since.

Again, I hope I'm wrong, 2005 was amazing and I'd love if they really push it and it really does something big, I just don't see it happening.
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