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Originally Posted by FoulTerritory View Post
Interesting post. I'm not sure what it means to be a person who "actually matters in the world." I hadn't been certain if I matter, but thanks for clarifying that my liking of the diamond sock logo confirms that I do not, in fact, matter in this world.

Also, you say that the team shouldn't care about this logo and that they shouldn't care about any such minor things? Isn't that the entire job of a marketing department . . . to make sure the uniforms and such are attractive and the ballpark experience is enjoyable? Aren't these exact "minor details" the reason that we have Brooks Boyer?

Please sir. I need someone who matters to enlighten me further.
It's fine to like the Diamond Sock logo. I like the Diamond Sock logo. But the White Sox should not care at all if I like it or you like it, they should do what they think is the best for the TEAM, and that means ignoring opinions of one or two people. They aren't just making **** up - they have surveys and research, and that must show that for whatever reason the Diamond Sock patch is not the best thing for the team's branding. If Brooks Boyer had decided that, but then a few people e-mailed him to complain and he changed his mind, then, yes, I think that would be a problem - he's not only marketing to the WSI Superfan (and he's probably marketing less to us, because we're already hooked), he's marketing to the average person.
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