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Originally Posted by Mohoney View Post
For rebuilding teams, unfulfilled, hypothetical value usually shows up in several places up and down the roster.
Ok, true. Either way, I see them both ultimately as placeholders. In that case, Viciedo's arbitration could become a liability rather an advantage (provided he still has enough value you'd rather not just cut him). DeAza has more value as a player right now, might as well go with that if he's just filling the spot for the time being anyway. DeAza at least would make a solid fourth OFer. Viciedo is worthless if he's not a starter. Personally, I'd just platoon them as it stands now, straight up L/R. Really, when you factor in the inexperience of Eaton and Garcia, it's probably best to just hang on to them both for now unless Hahn is picking up another OFer. I wouldn't mind Danks as the fourth OFer if the OF were a little more solidified, but if someone has to step in and start 120+ games in CF, I'd rather it be DeAza with Danks in reserve.
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