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Originally Posted by TheVulture View Post
You obviously don't follow the Drudge Report.
That one went over my head and I do read a lot of news and blogs on the web. As for the so called criticism of Aaron it was mentioned from time to time in 1973-74 that Aaron had considerably more at bats than Ruth. Just as Jim Brown was disdainful of Franco Harris when he was getting close to his all time rushing record. Brown considered that Franco had many more carries and felt that he was too quick to go out of bounds to avoid giving and receiving punishment. Even the father of Barry Sanders was quoted as saying Jim Brown was the best runner he ever saw. People will always defend the heroes of their own eras. Being very careful not to take this into forbidden territory I think Henry Aaron was the most productive HR hitter ever (can't abide roids) but not necessarily the greatest home run hitter ever. In any case, the vast majority of fans in that era were pulling for Henry to break the record. Including yours truly of course.
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