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Was listening a little bit to the KC radio feed while working on a project down in the basement. For some reason, the Sox WSCR feed sounded like hell on At Bat, and I didn't feel like plugging an actual radio in. The KC announcers, Denny Matthews and Steve Stewart, thought the Sox got off to a good start but believe they have "faded" in June and still need a lot of rebuilding. They rattled off some stat saying the Sox have lost eight of their last nine home games. Obviously that is not correct....did they mean 8 of last 9 to KC? Not motivated to look it up right now. It was cool that they called them the "Sox" and not the "White Sox", and I was stunned at how much Stewart knew about Scott Carroll's story this season. My overall impression though was that they were not impressed with the Sox and thought the rest of the AL was a bunch of middling/average teams. Also of note, Bill Kurtis does voiceovers on KC radio.
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