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Originally Posted by soxfan1965 View Post
It's been quiet on the waiver front for Dunn. Is this waiver process going ahead with Dunn? It will be hugely disappointing if the Sox can't move Dunn, as they were able to move Navarro and Belle.
Navarro was traded in the offseason to the National League team that brought him up and still believed in him. It was a surprisingly nice deal for the White Sox, though.

Albert Belle wasn't traded or dealt in any way. He had a clause in his contract that he could become a free agent if he wasn't among the three highest players in baseball after the second year of his White Sox deal. Gary Sheffield demanded a large amount of compensation for agreeing to be traded from the Marlins to the Dodgers during the 1998 season. The compensation was high enough that it knocked Belle out of the top three salaries. Belle declared free agency, as was his option, after his monster 1998 season.

I read from a couple of sources that before signing with Baltimore, Belle went to the White Sox and said he would sign for less to stay in Chicago, but the White Sox, having tired of his act, had no interest in signing him.
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