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Originally Posted by chicagowhitesox1 View Post
I agree with both posts mentioned above. I guess I find it interesting how Buerhle will be viewed if he does end up with 4 more decent seasons. I never thought of him as a hofer but he might have a good argument someday. I would have to think that the 2005 team would have at least one player who gets in. (excluding Frank Thomas because he wasn't on the WS roster) But who else would it be? I would like to think Konerko gets in but he's probably gonna get dinged for being a firstbasemen. Mark Buerhle might get points for being a member of that team which won Chicagos first WS in 87 years.

Sorry I kinda went off course on this.
Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
Not necessarily. Konerko and Buehrle have slim chances, but really there's nobody else on the team that is worthy.

That's what made the 05 White Sox a great of the greatest ever. They were much greater than the sum of their individual parts that season.
Big Frank may not have been able to play in the playoffs, but he did carry the offense in June, ending up with 12 HRs.
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