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Saw a comment by a guy I know in a different forum where he was discussing the trade with the Yankees. He is a Yankees fan and has claimed to have inside information with them in the past. I only know him online so don't really know if his claim is good or not. But...

In discussing the trade he said that the Yankees believed Rutherford was not developing as he should. Seems a little early to me to drawing any conclusions but that was his claim. Then I saw this at MLB Trade Rumors...

Blake Rutherford, the outfield prospect who headlined the minor league package sent to Chicago, received less-than-stellar reviews from the five executives, who questioned Rutherford’s power potential and his ability to stay as a center fielder. One NL executive felt the Yankees may have sold high on Rutherford “when the buzz was still good” about his potential. Incidentally, Sherman reports that Rutherford was also part of the Yankees’ offer to the White Sox for Quintana.
I still think it is waaaaay too early to be drawing any conclusions about a 20 year old guy that hasn't even completed one years yet. Particularly one that is putting up good numbers so far.

The Sox almost certainly aren't looking for Rutherford to play CF. Luis Robert has first claim there. And both Jiminez and Adolfo probably have a better claim to RF so even if he isn't a stellar defender (50 grade for both throw and field) he should be plenty fine in LF. And if he hits for average and OBP then not delivering as much power as originally hoped should also be fine as the other Sox prospects promise to deliver plenty of that. Just interesting to see what they are saying.