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We can nitpick as to whether Nova's good games are 5th starter or maybe bit better, but his overall results are not 5th starter and there were far better opportunities for less money, including the player the Pirates targeted and then signed once they dumped Nova on Rick Hahn (Jordan Lyles, who had similar numbers for 1/4 the cost).
And here are more overall results.
Sox Offseason:
Jay: 1/$4 0W
Herrera: 2/$18 .3W
McCann: 1/$2.5 1.4W
Alonso: 1/$8 -.3W
Colome: 1/$7.25 .2W
Santana: 1/$4.3 -.5W
Nova: 1/$9.17M .4W
Total Spent: $53.22 (plus 2 minor prospects and .908 OPS current 1.4W catcher) Total Gain: 1.5W
All of that for a net gain of .1 WAR. If this is deemed a successful offseason, how can the Sox compete?

Twins Offseason:
Gonzales: 2/$21 .2W
Cruz: 1/$14.3 .6W
Schoop: 1/$7.5 .9W
Perez: 1/$4 1W
Parker: 1/$1.8 .1W
Total Spent: $48.6 2.8W

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