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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
Could they?
Brewers don't have a lot of $; Dodgers don't need them. Arizona, Colorado and the Padres don't have fat wallets. Twins won't do it.
Cubs, Yankees and RedSox claim budget constraints.
Nationals aren't good this year. Not the Rays cup of tea.
That leaves Cardinals, Phillies Astros. Maybe the Braves.
Just outbid them and see what happens.
Define lots of money. A $20 million deal for this year only costs about $10 million after the draft. Are you suggesting a $30 million deal for this year? Because it has to be not close to come to a rebuilding club on a one year deal.

It's not just about this year. It's about maximizing their limited time in the league this year to leverage a big contract next offseason. Hard to do that on a bad ballclub.
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