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Originally Posted by shingo10 View Post
Should have clarified...Greinke buzzed one by his head in 09 in addition to hitting him a few times.

I'm just saying in all the times TCQ was hit here (which was A LOT) he never reacted like he was upset at the pitcher because he knew he was just as much to blame for getting hit. So obviously he felt differently about this incident or this pitcher.
Did you happen to read Quentin's post-game comments? He said that he wasn't upset about being hit, but rather, what Greinke said to him after he was hit. Here's the catch, however: Quentin later admitted that he didn't know what Greinke said to him, but he continued to cite this as the reason for his charging the mound. Carlos was obviously looking for an excuse to fight Greinke. It's possible that their history factored into his thought process (I'm using that term loosely), but I find it hard to believe that he would risk suspension by charging the mound over something he wasn't sure Greinke said. His story doesn't add up at all, and only further damages his credibility.
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