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Originally Posted by Senerch23 View Post
The Sox moving to the suburbs would have made them an even bigger afterthought in the media, especially Addison.

Also, why any team would move away from the main population center in the region is mind boggling. Not that Bridgeport is that spot but it is much closer than Addison.
More people live in the burbs than in the city. That's a fact. Bridgeport is not the center of anything as just to the east is 100 miles of lake.
Looking at a map of the Metro area I would say that Elmhurst is probably the population center of the metro area with an equal amount of people living north, south, east and west. This is a guess but I bet I'm not far off. A stadium located around I 294 and I 290 would not be a bad spot. The CTA could extend the line that runs on the Ike.
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