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Originally Posted by DSpivack View Post
The Blackhawks analogy does not really work. They did not bring in someone from outside the organization to understand why things were going wrong and correct their ways. They built their team like a few others have, stink for years and get top picks.
That is true.. some of the pieces were already in place when Bill Wirtz was still around... The one thing that Rocky did do was bring in Hossa, which would probably have never happened under Bill Wirtz..

What Rocky did was give the franchise a fresh coat of paint.. bringing back Hull and Mikita brought a lot of old baby boomers back that couldn't stand Bill Wirtz..

Reinsdorf has suffered from a bad rep with the fans since he tried to move the team back in the late 80's..a lot of that is not an issue with the newer generation of fans, but it's really unfortunate that the Sox could not capitalize on the buzz from the 05 WS...
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