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Originally Posted by ChiSoxNationPres View Post
That's assuming it's badly invested...

Too soon to judge the MM contract, but currently I'm OK the Sox didn't pull the trigger.

Merrifield at age 31 for a 22 year old with similar profile? Pass. I'm down to trade Cease for Thor, only if they can extend him. Keep Kopech, he's a Strasburg/Thor himself if he comes back healthy and I'm willing to take that chance.

That would be fine defensively. But, Puig just doesn't make sense anymore, as he isn't that good offensively, especially for a multi-year deal. That one could look ugly immediately. The Sox should be trying to diversify their lineup at least a bit, have way too many players with his profile already and have for the last decade.
That is how much it costs in terms of prospects to acquire proven performers. That is why you build a kick-ass farm system. You keep the crown jewels of it for yourself (like Moncada, Eloy, and Robert), and you use the rest of it to acquire the rest of the top-end talent you need sooner rather than later.

Either that, or you commit to 2020 as the final development year. I'm fine either way.

What I'm not fine with is going into 2020 with a half-assed patchwork quilt after adding guys like Zack Wheeler or Hunter Pence or Mike Moustakas, re-signing Abreu, and trying to pass that off as legitimate spending to augment a core. If any of those guys are desirable as ancillary pieces, fine by me, but we need to come out of free agency with the goods.

Like many have said in this thread, this team needs to pay full freight for a marquee rotation piece. Since I don't think it will be Cole, I'm hoping for MadBum as the next-best thing. If you would rather have Marcell Ozuna than Puig, fine by me, but this team needs to add a thumper to play RF. I figure Puig would cost less than Ozuna, and Puig would not require a position switch. Flipping 7 years of Madrigal for 4 years of Merrifield and flipping 6 years of Cease or Kopech for 2 years of Thor are putting 2020 in play as a championship-caliber season, and we still get to keep Andrew Vaughn.

It's time to decide what the approach will be and use the rest of September accordingly. Going with Mendick instead of Leury, going with Zavala instead of Castillo, and replacing Yolmer with another $600K player on the bench will recoup a nice chunk of payroll. The Alonso/Jay/Nova money dropping off the books will recoup even more. Figure that retaining Abreu would be neutral cost-wise, and the money should be there for 2020. For 2021 and beyond, help ease that crunch by front-loading the free agent contracts.
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