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Another day, another putrid offensive performance, another loss.

I know, I know, the bullpen blew it in the 7th inning but when the offense continues to score three runs or less, you put tremendous pressure on a pitching staff to be letter perfect, and that's not possible. The Sox offense is giving the pitching staff no room for error. None, nada, nyet.

10 more strikeouts today...five lousy hits.

That's nine losses in the last 12 games.

For the season the Sox have now scored three runs or less in 50% (9 of 18) of their games.

For the season the Sox are now 17-100 with RISP (.170 worst in the A.L.)

The only solace I can find is what the guy in the Sun-Times wrote this morning (paraphrasing) "It's hard to judge the Sox right now because they've played half their games in football weather..."

But honestly I don't see this bunch getting any better (or much better) even when the temperature hits 95.

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