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This is what Nate Silver had to say about the time PECOTA was correct about the White Sox in his book The Signal and the Noise:

In 2007, for instance, PECOTA predicted that the Chicago White Sox -- just two years removed from winning a World Series title -- would finish instead with just seventy-two wins. The forecast was met with howls of protest from the Chicago media and from the White Sox front office. But it turned out to be exactly right: the White Sox went 72-90.

Now, Nate, I believe, invented the PECOTA, and says it is predicting win totals. You would think an intellectual like himself, the guy who came up with the system, would realize he didn't predict records, just RS/RA. And if you are going to boast about being right, you should be able to take the criticism when wrong or at the very least, be a little more humble when being correct, considering the tools haven't been all that accurate overall.

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