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Originally Posted by WLL1855 View Post
I ask this with all sincerity. What's the best case outcome for this guy? I'm thinking he's bench depth at most.
Morel was, at best, a pretty marginal prospect. He always hit kind of nice in the minors but he never hit for much power, and I'm not saying every minor league player has to be a masher to have success in the big leagues, but unless you have BLAZING speed, you're going to need to drive the ball a little bit in the Majors; the seeing eye singles through the IF or the ground balls you beat out just are not there. Too many good defensive IF at this level. Tony Campana, on the Cubs, can't hold a roster spot because even though he's arguably one of the 2-3 fastest players in baseball, he can't get on base more than 30% of the time because he has absolutely zero pop in his bat.

Anyways, all that said back to Morel, looks like he's got organizational depth, AAAA player written all over him. Maybe on a real explosive offense, you might be able to find semi-regular playing time for him because he is a pretty good 3B but you really need to be able to hide his bat. And this assumes that whatever back problems he has clear up, if not, I don't see how much of an impact he can make on even an average team.

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