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Originally Posted by captain54 View Post
Ultimately, to win the World Series, the Sox would have to go thru the elite teams in MLB, which would include the Yankees, Rangers and Cardinals.. so I'm not following you... If you mean competing in a BS division every year I could see your point.. but what's wrong with building a team to dominate? Why settle for just being competitive and playing for a winning record, yet missing the playoffs, which has been the norm for a while now?
Because you really just have to get to the playoffs, man. The World Series last year featured the 4th or 5th best team from the NL vs. the 7th best team from the AL. All those more "dominant" teams didn't do **** in the postseason. I'm not saying don't try and build the best team you can, I'm just saying, the bar you have to reach isn't as high in the AL Central.

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