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Originally Posted by SephClone89 View Post
I'm more likely to see the team live and in person because Hawk and Farmer are butchering the games.

If we had a great broadcasting team I'd probably go to fewer games.
I guess since Harry sold the brand like none other, announcers are suposed to do the same. My father wasn't a huge baseball fan and the White Sox were pretty terrible in the 70s. Yet, my father would watch the White Sox games just to listen to Harry and Jimmy. I'm certainly not going to watch the Sox just to listen to Hawk, that's for sure. Hell, I barely can watch if the Sox are losing. He's that unbearable.

Hawk is nothing but a kiss ass and spokesperson for the chairman. That has what he has been for years. Not that it's the worst thing in the world. The chairman signs his paychecks. It sucks the Sox fell apart in the end. But, you still have a job to do.