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Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
Not that this matters to any of you, but I chatted with my group of baseball-loving friends this weekend and none of them could understand why any Sox fan would want Dunn to just walk away. His power numbers alone are worth it. He just shouldn't be hitting higher than sixth in a lineup.

The notion that he stinks because he has never been on a winning team is laughable at best, and Chicago Tough at worst.

You guys are turning Adam Dunn into my favorite player.
Dunn is one of those guys who has great numbers at the end of the year but when you watch him day in and day out you realize how little he contributes. He has contributed much more this year than in 2012 but he didn't start hitting until the team started to collapse (which is not his fault). I would also be curious to know how many guys he has left stranded. He is hitting .153 with 2 home runs in late and close situations and only 4 home runs with 28 RBIs in high leverage situations. Maybe those aren't the best stats to judge him with but my point is that Dunn contributes far less than his line would suggest.

Go Sox!!!
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