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Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post
In 2014 they had a core of Sale, Quintana, Abreu, Eaton and I'd argue there were high expectations for Avi Garcia even after he tore his shoulder. Alexei Ramirez was an All-Star too.

Rodon was expected to be able to make significant contributions by 2015. Semien and Micah Johnson were expected to be decent big-leaguers (though I think there was much more debate about Johnson). Frankie Montas was getting some degree of attention at the end of the season too.

So it seemed like the Sox had a core of four young guys to build around (five if you count Avi), more pitching help in the minors with Rodon and Montas, guys like Semien, Johnson and even Conor Gillaspie seemed like they'd be at least serviceable major leaguers.

The front office then traded almost all of those guys for one year's rent worth of Jeff Smardizja and the rest for Todd Frazier while signing Melky, Adam LaRoche and Robertson.

My problem with where things stand now is that the same people who thought it would be a good idea to sign Adam LaRoche to a contract that large enough to tie their hands in 2016 and that Robin Ventura could lead that team to contention are in charge and still in charge of handing out contracts and making personnel decisions.

That's what I find most worrisome about the rebuild right now.
don't forget Matt Davidson-at that time he was considered a key component- the injuries/failures of Avi, Davidson, Laroche were huge contributors to that initial rebuild collapsing- along with the wrong manager.
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