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Originally Posted by White_Sock View Post
I just got home from that A's game (game 4). That was the most incredible game I have ever seen in person (i wasnt at any of the Sox playoff gsmes in 05). So much at stake and to do it like that....amazing. The few tiger fans, after foolishly gloating all game, sheepishly sneak out after Coco's hit. The A's fans stayed around and were basically screaming and partying for 25 minutes afterwards. They nearly tore the place to the ground...
I've been to a few walk-off Sox losses at the park in Oakland, whatever they were calling it at the time. The crowds were small, but even then it was tough, walking out of the ballpark, waiting for and riding the BART with all those celebrating A's fans. In mid September, I was pondering the possibility of going to Sox postseason games in Oakland, and the thought of what happened to the Tigers last night was the first thing that crossed my mind.

Not that I feel bad for Tigers fans. The Tigers are higher up on my hate list than the A's at the moment, and watching their fans suffer is pleasurable.
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