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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
No question about it. When the Cubs make a move like this, it's regarded as a stroke of genius. If the Sox had made a similar move, they would be declared idiots.

Over the last two summers, the Cubs have dealt four established MLB starters (Dempster, Maholm, Feldman, Garza) for packages of ifs and maybes. Could it work? Sure. It could also fail miserably. I'm just a bit baffled that so many of the writers in this town are convinced each move the Cubs make is going to prove to be brilliant over the long haul. We don't know that yet and we won't know it for years.
The thing is, the Cubs approach to rebuilding is brilliant. It may not work, but they are putting themselves in the best possible position for it too. If you had to pick between the roster's, The Cubs 25 man and their farm or the Sox 25 man and their farm, it would not be hard to argue for the Sox.

The Cubs seem to be using players to build depth, any position, it does not matter. They now have 3 very good 3b prospects. That increases the chances 1 makes it. If another makes it, they move that player to the OF. If all 3 do, they can trade 1 for a weak spot that doesn't work out.

The Sox for a while have been scared to make these moves. But I think ultimately, we are not winning anything this year or next. Our offense is one of the most pathetic in the league, and we have nothing on the horizon to make it better. At some point, we have to build this thing right.

I hate to admit it, but without bias, If I had to pick between Hahn and Theo, I would take Theo.
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