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Originally Posted by DSpivack View Post
To a certain extent, it's an unknowable and just a thought experiment: whether the Sox would have drawn better in Addison. But I think it says a lot that pretty much every new ballpark has been built in a city center (or at least somewhat close to it) and not out in suburbia. I don't think there is anything inherently unique to the Chicago area that makes the White Sox special in that regard, and the Chicago area is not even the smallest market with two teams; that would go to the Bay Area; that A's troubles over the years says more to me of a having a suburban-style dump of an old, cookie-cutter multipurpose stadium than anything else. There is no reason to think that, if the White Sox compete with the Cubs, that the Mets don't compete with the Yankees, or the A's with the Giants, or the Angels with the Dodgers. And in each case, I suppose you could argue that the "second" team in each market is located more in a suburban location than the "first" team; downtown LA for the Dodgers vs. Orange County for the Angels; Flushing, Queens for the Mets vs the Bronx for the Yankees; an oddly located large parking lot in Oakland vs a waterfront, near downtown location for the Giants. The Angels draw well, but only since both remodeling their old park and having a contending team year after year. The A's struggle, while the Mets built a hugely expensive ballpark and have been a bit of a mess, but for unrelated reasons (the owners were victims of a financial scam).

And while the city and suburban fan is concerned with access to the ballpark; the city fan taking public transportation, the suburban fan with distance and ease of access in driving to the park; the team is more concerned with corporate suite revenue. And having a suburban park I would venture a guess would hurt suite revenue the further they are from businesses and corporate offices.
The cities mentioned with the exception of new york are not the type of competition that the Sox have. The distance is much further between parks.

There are many corporate headquarters in suburbia here and I dont see why they couldn't fill the corporate suites in a suburban location.
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