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Default Dan Mcgrath of the Sun Times

Mcgrath was on Chicago Tonight last September and was asked by the host Why didn't the White Sox draw a better attendance in 2012?. Mcgrath said the "White Sox fans in the suburbs didn't want to come down to the dangerous Southside of Chicago. With all the shootings the Southside had last year, they were afraid to come there." Mcgrath is a lifelong Southsider and a Principal (Leo High School?) and knows the City of Chicago and the Southside as well as anybody. Tourists prefer going to Wrigley Field as opposed to the Cell. If the Cell had been built in a better area, the White Sox would draw more tourists than what they do now.I've gone to both Comiskey Park and the Cell during my lifetime at least a thousand times and never had any trouble in the area. Fact is, the area around the Cell has a perception of it being in a bad neighborhood in alot of peoples minds. And I still believe the White Sox will try to get another stadium in the Chicagoland area when the present lease at the Cell expires.
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