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Originally Posted by DonnieDarko View Post
I dunno about the first tag (looks to me like he missed it), but it's obvious that on the second try he got Morneau on the shoulder. Even if it's just a brush against his uniform, that's an out. The umpire blew the call, which, albeit, I can see being hard to make in the moment like that. It definitely was NOT clear to me until a few replays, which umpires in this situation don't have the benefit of (which is an expansion of instant replay I support).

But again, blown call. Fortunately, it didn't cost the Sox the game.
I was watching the replay on and based on the camera angles it still seemed hard to tell whether or not Flowers tagged him. If Tyler immediately tried to apply a more secure tag, Morneau probably would've been out easily. Instead, Flowers quickly looks and appeals to the ump which was the mistake.
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