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Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post
That is assuming White Sox ownership had marketed the ballpark correctly. When the Tribune Company took over the Cubs (and by extension, Wrigley Field) they crowed about coming to see "Beautiful Wrigley Field!" JR and Eddie Einhorn started talking about how Old Comiskey was falling apart and was unsafe, at one point the City Council even threatened to condemn Old Comiskey. It would be quite the U-Turn for ownership go from howling about how unsafe to the ballpark is to turning into a tourist destination. I don't think many people went to Tiger Stadium to see that until it was closed.
I don't remember the old ballpark that well but everything I have read suggested that it was in that bad of shape.

Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
If Comiskey was maintained as well as Wrigley down through the years maybe JR and Einhorn would have marketed it better. They spent quite a lot of money in 1982 with the new scoreboard, sky boxes, new dugouts and a remake of the lower boxes. A couple of years later they tell us the park is falling apart. Bottom line is that they wanted out of the neighborhood and hoped for the move to Addison. Considering the attendance issues in the new park I still feel moving to Addison would have been the way to go for the franchise. JR and company are not dummies and I'm sure they did demographic studies and found that the majority of their fan base was in the burbs.
Meh, it's all opinion at this point, but they would have built the same ugly ass ballpark with all the same problems with the added benefit of being in a much less convenient location; I can't imagine they'd be drawing 15,000 people per game at this point had they made that kind of blunder. Not only would the Sox have missed out on the New Retro ballpark craze, they also would have missed out on the "Return to the City" phenomenon that most sports teams nowadays have embraced. If you think the "Chicago is a Cubs town" crap is strong now, I can't even imagine what it would be like if the Sox actually didn't play in Chicago.

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