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Originally Posted by DSpivack View Post
What makes you think the Chicago area doesn't have enough fans to support 2 city ballparks? What defines a city ballpark? Flushing is right on the limits of NYC and Citi Field is surrounded by parking lots.

The Cub "stranglehold" is because of marketing their old ballpark. The Sox attendance rises and falls with the quality of the team, just like the vast majority of other MLB franchises. There is no reason to think that Chicago can't support the White Sox in the city when they've been in the same neighborhood longer than any other team in baseball.
Can the Sox draw better in the burbs without a consistent winning team? I think they could but cant prove it.(The brewers have been doing it) Can the Sox draw without a consistent winning team where they are at? No, thats been proven.

No one will be proven right or wrong in this discussion because so many things will change if and when change ever happens. The bottom line is the Sox management are doing very well in the situation they are in now. I am sure they are extremely happy with the worth of their club increasing by leaps and bounds in current years. I am sure they have no regrets in where the park is currently because thats where they got the deal of the century.

It was an enjoyable what if discussion.
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