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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
The product was in first for 100 plus days last year and could not draw 2 million. You are going to say the prices were too high and I agree but someone said all the high rollers have moved back to the city, they sure as hell didn't spend their money at USCF.
I feel like the argument over last year's attendance has been beaten to death. You can't just look at that 100 or so days in a vacuum. After 3 previous seasons of disappointment which caused season ticket/advance sale erosion, they simply weren't going to flip that switch and pack the park every night with a 3 month run of success. Remember, we were coming off the awful 2011 Ozzie-quitting-on-his-team debacle at the start of last year plus KW was implicitly telling the fans last off season that the Sox weren't serious about competing in 2012 when they hired a manager with zero professional coaching experience for on-the-job training.

These points are constantly pointed out and yet we continue to beat the dead horse of last year's attendance over and over again.
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