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Originally Posted by Grzegorz View Post
To your first point I agree wholeheartedly. I've been on teams that crushed others and have been on teams steamrolled. Whether by one or one hundred a loss is a loss.

I agree with your second point too. I'll go a little further and say it's long past due for a change at the top. That means Coop. The other avenue I want to travel is the one where pitchers these days look to be very fragile. This new philosophy or physical regimen has to be looked at because the amount of injuries is unacceptable.

The game is in a pathetic state right now.
It was refreshing to see Hendricks even though a Cub have an 81 pitch complete game the other day but yes today's starting pitchers are fragile and being babied yet there seems to be more of them hurting their arms and landing on the IL or even having surgery.
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