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Originally Posted by TheOldRoman View Post
Well, they are meaningless because the games played are what actually decide baseball, so that's just a fact. The reaction to BP was more to people who gave the predictions credence, specifically you who said that we basically had to accept that the Sox had no chance at the playoffs, to which dickallen posted that BP isn't that accurate with predictions and two of the teams they picked to finish in last place teams made the playoffs in 2012.

Nobody here has guaranteed the Sox would win the division. I don't think anyone actually predicted them to finish first. However, when Munchman trots out and says they have NO chance, with part of his argument based on these predictions, that is what people objected to. More specifically, I don't think people objected to that the Sox would finish in second place as much as the idea that the Sox would win only 77 agmes.
To be fair, I never said NO chance. I did say pretty close to no chance. I believe I also said almost/nearly impossible to win the division. Which is reflected in those ratings, yes. There is a chance, but it's pretty insignificant. And these ratings show that too. And yes you play the games. But that doesn't mean deny logic. It's gonna be pretty damn tough for our boys to win the Central this year.
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