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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
I think today, a majority of White Sox fans would say the White Sox would be better off now and would have been better off the last two seasons without Adam Dunn and without the obligation of the Adam Dunn contract. It is the point I made before Dunn played a game with the Sox, and my alternative, adding a very strong right fielder and putting Quentin in as the most frequent DH is something I continue to be criticized for despite two seasons of overwhelming evidence that Adam Dunn is not someone a winning team needs or should want in its lineup.
I completely agree, and you and a few others on WSI were ahead of the curve and ahead of me. I was lukewarm on the Dunn signing. By now it should be painfully plain, but he hits homers, the stat thing, and maybe because a prophet has no honor at home, expect the criticism to continue. As for me, my teeth will grind and the stomach acids churn every time he comes up to the plate.
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