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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
Was stationed near West Point NY with the USAF in 1967 but followed them very closely that year. Was able to pick up WMAQ and listened to a lot of the games.
What great pitching we had with Horlen, Peters and John leading the staff.
Downfall was they could not hit a lick and it all came to a horrible end the last week when we lost the last 5 games to the 2 worst teams in the A L, the A's and the Senators. Was stationed with a lot of BoSox fans and they went nuts when Boston won on the last day of the season. What a race it was as with a week left to play and any one of 4 teams could have won it.
Nell, you seem to be the old time guru on here so I'll ask you, why was it the Sox could never come up with the hitting they needed? Didn't want to pay for it? bad minor league development?