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Originally Posted by mahagga73 View Post
Nell, you seem to be the old time guru on here so I'll ask you, why was it the Sox could never come up with the hitting they needed? Didn't want to pay for it? bad minor league development?
I always wondered why they trotted Tommy McCraw out there to first base so much. This guy would have been a below average hitter at second base, surely they could have at least found a half way decent hitting first basemen. Was this guy Keith Hernandez times ten with the glove or what?

Seems like Ward, Agee, and Berry were all guys that were expected to hit, but they just didn't come through in '67 for whatever reasons. Colavito was brought in to help and flopped as well, but McCraw didn't seem like a guy even expected to be a decent hitter based on the fact he had already established that he wasn't much of a hitter by '67.
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