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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Doublem, I get your argument. I just think the neighborhood is failing to realize that the Cubs can't operate with as much sacrifice as they're asking. Yeah, they did it for years, and that's part of the reason they've been the clowns of the league. The reality is, you're either going to see a lot more of what you see in that picture, or you're going to see none of it because it's all going to be somewhere else, along with the Cubs. The Cubs are going to play the bulk of their games as night games, and they're going to have all the amenities of a legit ballpark neighborhood. Wrigleyville needs to decide if it's the neighborhood or not.
I think this is a load of garbage the Ricketts are trying to sell. The Cubs had one of the best teams in baseball in 2007 and 2008 and a recent Forbes report named them the most profitable team in the Majors last season. There is no doubt in my mind they can field a competitive club under many of the current conditions simply expected of a good neighbor. Many of these proposals are simply rooted in greed, which I get. They're trying to maximize their profits and that's perfectly acceptable, but it's also acceptable for the residents of this neighborhood to voice our concerns about this proposal. The Ricketts know that a strong and vibrant Lakeview is every bit as important to the Cubs success as the renovations in Wrigley Field itself; this neighborhood's character is as much of a draw as the park is. There's a reason they're not biting at the acres of free land Rosemont is willing to give them, because they're ultimately better off here. But that means a shared commitment to preserving this neighborhood.

If anyone thinks Wrigleyville only needs the Cubs and not the other way around, you're not seeing the whole picture.

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