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Default Expectations for Alexei Ramirez this Season

Just read this article on the White Sox website.

First of all, I really had never stopped to think much about how the murder of a family member near the beginning of a season could affect a player for the whole season. Maybe it affected him (particularly in the field), maybe not, but the more I think about it the more I think it's possible.

Second, I think White Sox fans have fallen into a habit of really undervaluing Alexei's bat. I was intrigued by some of the stats in the article, and went on to check some of Alexei's stats compared to the rest of MLB last year. He was in the top five for shortstops in average, hits, doubles, and steals. That should have been a recipe for being top five for shortstops in runs, but in our anemic offense he was tied for 8th.

Obviously his fielding last year was underwhelming, tied for most errors in the MLB. That was surprising, since he had consistently decreased his errors from 2010-12 (20, 16, and 12).

I expect him to maintain his performance at the plate, with more runs and RBI in a somewhat improved offense. I also expect him to come back to his norms in the field. Crossing my fingers, at least. Thoughts?

Edit: Can anyone fix my spelling error in the title? It's driving me nuts but I can't edit it myself!

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