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Originally Posted by DonnieDarko View Post
THANK YOU for saying that. I couldn't have said it better myself. The guy is one of the better offensive SS in all of baseball. Why people are so quick to want to get rid of him is completely beyond me. He's only gotten better every year he's been here, and as we can see, it looks like last year was mental, not physical (if that article is to be believed).

For the love of God Sox fans, don't give up on Alexei Ramirez. He may not be the best SS in all of baseball, but he's one of the better ones, and you don't find that kind of talent easily. It's like...don't expect everyone to be a freaking Mike Trout or something.
This is false, kind of. If you believe he could bounce back, then yes, he is good hitter. But he posted a sub .700 OPS last year (brutal) and fell outside of the Top 10 in MLB SS in WAR. Nothing really showed he was an above average hitter, or anything other than average.

My thing is, he is getting old fast. He is 32, will be 33 by years end. This is not a young hitter that we are expecting a major bounce back from, but an older player.

He was probably our most valuable hitter last year, but if that happens again, we are sunk. He has not topped 10 home runs in 2 years now.

My guess - .272 - 7 homers - 59 RBI - .712 OPS
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