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Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post
Stanky helped matters but Reese accepted Robinson pretty quickly. At the end of Robinson's first season in the minors in 1946 a sports writer asked Reese how he felt about Robinson potentially coming to the majors and maybe even taking Reese's spot at shortstop and Reese said "If he is better than me then he is entitled to my spot." Durocher also played a big role in the acceptance of Robinson in spring training by quashing the petition to not allow Robinson to play. Durocher pretty much said "He's coming, get used to it. Oh, he will also help us win a pennant and get you guys a bonus."
Thats not as true as it may seem. Reese admitted in the 1950's that it took him awhile to warm up to Robinson. He didn't hate him, like some teammates, but Reese didn't go out of his way to befriend him early on either. Around 1949, Reese and Robinson genuinely started becoming friends and were very close late in life. But not in 1947 when this hug may have taken place. Which I don't believe it did.

When Reese was later interviewed about Robinsons first year he made a point of saying publicy-even at least once to Robinsons face-that he didn't go out of his way to treat Jackie differently. Robinson respected Reese for being honest about this.

Eddie Stanky deff was looking out for Robinson but I don't really know what to think about that because 1947 was the year Durocher was suspended and I think Durocher told Stanky to look out for Robinson due to Stanky was Durochers right hand man. But Stanky was very vocal about blacks in baseball so unless he had a change of heart, I think Durocher persuaded Stanky to try and make things easier for Robinson.

Durocher did say that if anyone didn't like having Robinson on the team they would be gone and Stanky was gone in 1949. I really don't know why Stanky left but I kinda feel it was because of Robinson.

I think in this new movie Hollywood will show that the Dodger players treated him bad when Robinson first joined the team but will end up showing that the Dodgers banded around Robinson in 1947 which isn't the case at all.

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